Dear Friends


How quickly time passes the older we get, I can.t believe that this time last year I was in Australia and half way through my Sabbatical. Such a lot has happened already this year. Losing my Mum in January at age 91 after 6 ½ years of caring for her is only just beginning to hit me. I had 14 funerals to take until the middle of May and I expect I just put my grief on hold whilst I went about the necessary business of helping others through theirs. I think it was the Royal wedding of Prince Harry to Megan that sparked it, my Mum loved all things do to with the Queen, especially, and all things Royal. I found myself taking pages out of the newspaper which she would have loved to have read and watching it all on the TV was particularly poignant. I want to thank all of you who have been very supportive through these last few months.


Talking about how quickly time passes it is now nearly three years since I came here from Gorleston and Great Yarmouth to serve you all. In that time I have started three new things, two Messy Churches and one Dementia Café and I am thinking what shall I start in my fourth year with you? I have had on my heart to do a prayer breakfast at my Manse once a month where I will provide bacon rolls or cereal and toast, whatever takes your fancy and where we can specifically focus our prayers on the needs of our churches and chapels, the congregations in our section, our circuit and our district.

As you are all well aware there is change needed as we are short of ordained ministers and need to pray about the future needs of all of the above. I am thinking of a Friday morning 9 a.m till 10 a.m. which hopefully some of you will want to come to. Just let me know by e.mail or phone call so that I have an idea if this is a good idea or not. If any of you have suggestions for a new initiative that you think is needed then please let me know.


Coming up we have our Section Service at Trinity on Sunday 22nd July at 10.45 p.m. and the next one will be at Mattishall on Sunday 30th September at 11 a.m. I know some will complain about the parking but if we leave the car park for the less abled I am sure a short walk from parking around the church will be a benefit. It will be a celebration of Mattishall’s Harvest Festival and hopefully will be an encouragement for them as they only have a few faithful members who meet on Sunday afternoons. We all need to be mindful of our smaller congregations and the best way to support them, so please do still come to that service.


With Lent and Easter, Pentecost and Ascension now behind us the coming months should be a bit quieter for me so I hope I can get more pastoral and hospital visits in. If you would like me to call or you know of someone who needs a pastoral visit or home communion please just let me know. I hope you all have a wonderful Summer, time to relax and spend quality time with friends and family.


With God’s love and blessing,








Oberammergau May 2020


Yes, that is a date to be looked at in advance. Due to the popularity of the Passion Play, which is performed every 10 years, you need to book well in advance. I have been in contact with Mary Cumbers at Downham Market who is coordinating a visit and have a few application forms if you are interested. Please see the posters displayed on the notice board for more details. At the time of writing I am filling in my application form!! – Jacky


Another advanced date, not so far ahead, is 18th November 2017 – we are holding a Christmas Tree Sale, to include stalls with items for sale besides the excess Christmas trees that currently live in the store room at the back. More details as soon as they are available.



I have been asked to promote the following:


Breckland Older People’s Forum

Is hosting Question Time on


“The Future Care of

Older People”?


A Chance for you to ask those key Questions!


Chair: Graham Creelamn – Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership

Panel to include:

Lorrayne Barrett – Director of Integrated Care, NCC

Antek Lejk – Chief Officer, North & South CCGs

Steve James – Communities Manager, Breckland Council

Niki Park – Commissioning Manager, Travel & Transport, NCC


8th September 2017

1 pm for 1.30 pm at

Breckland Council Offices

Dereham, NR19 1EE


OPEN to Everyone!

Free Parking and Light Refreshments


? Questions in advance welcomed

01842 820203



This is a chance to have your say on what is happening in and around Dereham, especially with older people in mind.



Epistles of George Dorrington


Psalm 46:


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”


However cleverly we plan things and despite our wishes for a trouble-free existence, Life is unpredictable – it isn’t all free-wheeling. If it were, we would never develop our survival instinct or the will power which builds our character.


Ages ago, as a teenager, I listened to the preacher giving a Lenten sermon in which he compared life to eating the Shrove Tuesday pancake. “When I’m eating that pancake, I know that the lemon is as important as the sugar”.


In our 21st Century culture, pain is something to be anaesthetized if possible or if not then ignored as unacceptable. Yet sorrow is part of the very fabric of living.


As Christians, we can’t avoid being hurt but we have the wonderful knowledge that Christ is as near as thought itself. Personally, I can’t imagine how bleak life would be without Him.


As the old hymn puts it:


“What a friend we have in Jesus

All our sins and griefs to bear

What a privilege to carry

Everything to God in Prayer”.



St John’s Gospel


Chapter 1 : 1 – 18


Just imagine being in John’s place when someone suggests that you too should record the Gospel story. John could have done just a biography of Jesus, the man he had known, served and loved. But he

knew his Lord to be unique among men, so he accepted the enormity of the task and began not with the humble birth but with the vast sweep of the universe.

“In the beginning.....” has had a fascination throughout man’s history – and still has. Today’s scientists hope that this year, 2009, at the cost of billions, the Great Hadron Collider will at last yield the secrets of the Big Bang and we will learn how our whole cosmos began.


John was equal to his task. He doesn’t tell us How, he tells us, Why. He starts with the mists of pre-history and, within a handful of sentences has brilliantly tapered our concentration from the formless void to focus on one person, somebody his readers knew of, John the Baptist. From John we are led to Jesus. “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth”.


Our faith puts Love as the reason why we were created and this love is what keeps us in harmony with God.


My thanks to George’s family for their kind permission for me to reprint these Epistles – JRW Editor


Advert : As usual Trinity is hoping to be open on Saturday 9th September for the Churches Trust Sponsored Cycle Ride / Walk. If you are able to help in any way on the day please have a word with Peter Lynn (654384)


Gem of the Week


Revelations 7:17 and 21:4


No Need for Tears


They’ll be no need for tears in heaven,

No reason for tears will be given,

No sorrow, death or crying, at even,

Away from us they’ll all be driven.


He said, “I’ll wipe away all tears”

Then they’ll be no more cares,

“Behold I’ll make all things new

My promise is faithful and my word is true”.


He’ll wipe away all tears from your eyes.

They’ll be no parting nor anguished sighs,

In that place prepared above the skies

For blood washed saints that never dies.


Contend earnestly for the faith given you,

That’s given to all saints not just a few,

Jude the beloved Apostle’s exhortation true,

Be diligent in our common salvation too.


© E. S. Green



Lord I am overwhelmed with tears in this unfriendly world; but you promised better farther on; no tears beyond the grave; no sorrow Lord? For this I truly crave; as I peer through my tears. Amen


Printed with permission from the author.






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